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About The Law Studies

About The Law Studies

At many universities, professors may be experts in their own fields, but they may not be good at teaching skills. So they focus more on research and publications and earning fame and extra income and universities turn a blind eye to this situation because the fame of university and ranking depend on their professors research work.

What makes the situation worse is that some universities and their off-campus teaching centres seek to maximise profits by hiring part-time faculty who want to make a few more dollars despite their already busy schedules. Exhausted by their daytime jobs, they go to the teaching centres to deliver lessons after work. This is definitely not an ideal situation for both the teachers and students.

For the above reasons, it has been my dream to have a comprehensive website where legal topics especially syllabus related contents are organized in such a way that even a beginner student does not face any difficulty to understand it. A platform that can be accessed from anywhere and that must be  comprehensive yet easy to understand. Where Every Statute be divided under different heads and each head be explained according to the exam pattern to ensure the success of reader in his respective exam.

We included latest case laws and easy interpretations to facilitate and simplify legal education. Therefore, we aim to offer students a more effective way to speed up revision and turbocharge exam performance free of cost. With this in mind, we created this blog to guide you through all the difficulties you may likely encounter, giving you full peace of mind while showing you the most efficient way to study law.

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